Zipper build its unique aesthetic features

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We all know that there are many types of zippers , because in our clothes , pants , shoes and even has a zipper.
If you want to manufacture a good zipper , then we have to keep the zipper beautiful shape , smooth opening and closing , but also be able durable. But in our real life , often because of some poor zipper caused us embarrassment. Like, zipper pull on new clothes , jeans opened the skylight , made us difficult to accept that this happens at the airport or when important talks . Determines the vitality zipper dress , consumers will want to buy clothing when zipper clothes are optional high quality zipper.
Zipper at the same time enrich its function , and build a unique aesthetic features . Zip form generation process is a formal beauty law "Inching into line, the line moving into the surface ," the law of manifestation . As we all know , "point" plays a role in the space marked location , with attention , highlighting the character of inducing sight . Different points and their location and shape of a person and everything will cause different changes in visual perception , and small dot is a sliding fastener means staggered double row rolling dots are connected , wherein a dense and smooth sense of rhythm generation slide the big change with the position of the point attracts the viewer's " eye ." Forming a track " line" , having a length, thickness, and the direction change position . Meanwhile , linear and flexible flow of volatile constituent features zipper makes convergence interface is generated modeling surface shapes . "Face" nature itself is only two-dimensional space , mainly flat and curved surfaces of the points, but through the intervention of this particular element of the zipper , the " face" but also with the formation of a square , circle, triangle , polygon and irregular accidental shape possible and so on.
Zipper is functional and aesthetic interaction in the formation of human lives today with rich and diverse forms, has exceeded its original application form and practical function , but both stylish aesthetic effect. In order to soft materials as the main costume design, make clothing zipper adds aesthetic charm of modern machinery , despite the innovation of new materials and technologies to make the zipper had a different texture and shape, but its essence is no substitute machinery . Mechanical derived from Greek and Latin mechme mecina, originally referred to as " clever design" is a combination of an artificial member of the kind , and having a relative movement between the parts identified . " Has all the characteristics of the mechanical fastener means - constituted by the parts , such as a fixed mode of operation , it is not simply replacing the traditional way of clothing buttons to open and close , but to adapt to the fast -paced modern lifestyle needs , establish a new kind of worn fundamentally form , is an innovative technology .

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