Zipper has now become a fashionable design elements

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American Swede Jide Ang - Johnson Debacker slide locking device on the previous invention , a revolutionary improvement in 1912. Design a new structure of the teeth , pull the cloth belt buckle and three-part . Made of wear-resistant metal with a bump arranged spaced teeth fixed in two cloth belt buckle can pull teeth engage with each other on a cloth or separation. This design implements seamless combination of two objects , then , provides more than bandage -style combine ( laces ) and cross -bond ( buttons ) advanced a connection.
Providing people with a new design concept , seamless bite zipper design . Zippers are widely used in various fields : road transportation, aerospace , medical and so on.
Now even with a zipper to reorganize the structure of the chair , but also about the zipper design inspiration emerged one after another from time to time , contains a variety of design possibilities derived .
Design unlimited extension of the life , let my life to find out more design , design classic design is more ubiquitous and left behind a huge redesign space. To create better design, to expect a more classic design. Designed to make life more exciting !
Zipper, one of the most important, most useful, the greatest invention of the 20th century , and now has become a trendy design element .

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