The first five-year development of China Zipper draft plan released

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Last week, the newspaper first disclosed , " China 's first five- zipper draft development plan" , the report caused a heated discussion Fujian zipper industry : draft for the development of the zipper industry indicates what direction ? How will the Fujian zipper according to the guiding ideology of the draft , to plan for the future development of the road ? What are the key points of the Bill is to implement the floor ?

Current " Sankei room" invited three Fujian zipper industry were discussed, Fujian listen to the sound development of the zipper .

Jinjiang Economic News : The draft plan for the first time on the zipper industry profit margins were assessed , and proposed a " net profit margin of 8% -10 % ," the goal , you think this how ?

Xu books households : From a national perspective, this goal is still very reasonable. Fujian zipper industry as the analysis , it is worth our attention , if it was brand enterprises , the overall profit margin will be higher. Therefore, the implementation of brand strategy is that we have been pushing companies to take.

On QUNXING itself, every year we have introduced some new equipment, technical innovation, in order to improve product quality. Meanwhile, last year the company also made the "Fujian Famous Brand " title. These are QUNXING to further brand awareness , brand customers and strive to do more work .

The facts show that our domestic brand of customer orders overall profit margins than higher export orders .

Zhou Yang instrument : Innovation is two years Fujian zipper industry has been mentioning . This word can really landing enterprise , you can feel good. Among these, the activities of the board mill , profit is a good innovation embodied indicators.

Innovation and creativity have now become a new growth point of the zipper industry , the development of functional and decorative zipper end products has become a trend, enterprises should keep up with trends. There is profit selling innovative products source . The companies to come up with new products, improve the added value of products, from several aspects: the introduction of new plant equipment , improve production technology, industry technical experts hired to guide, such as joint research with universities .

Wang Jinde : I agree with the above person Shiti "high end product is profit source " argument. As brands, we have been committed this year to go the way of high-end specialty products . For example , just last year to market the patented product --- new wear-resistant zippers, exclusive technology , the brand gained market enterprise customers unanimously approved. In the process of cooperation , we have gained more initiative.

The next two to three years , the share of high-end products Fuxing plans to increase to about 60% , and gradually give up the low-end products.

Allow customers to oversee the standard landing

Jinjiang Economic News : The new standard in preparation for a long time , will also be gradually introduced this year , for the implementation of the standard floor , what are your suggestions ?

Xu books households : Many people think that the past two years , the standard lag dragged zipper industry development hind legs. This sentence has some truth, but I think companies do not develop self-discipline is also an important cause of obstruction.

Standards can only be made to guide the development of industry standards , as to whether it will go in-depth learning standards , practice standards, which are based on corporate consciousness. Indeed, the strength of the companies can also create your own set of their own standards that national higher than the industry standard, so as to motivate yourself to continue to move forward.

Zhou Yang instrument : the national standard repair formulate a positive effect on the development of the industry is self-evident , but how to implement the floor is the most important part. This not only depend on the consciousness of the enterprise , but also rely on industry associations around the zipper to publicize and guidance.

Fujian zipper Merchants Association has developed a series of plans to boost the standard landing : After the standard introduction , the first time printed distributed to member companies ; irregularly convened member companies responsible Learning Standards Association ; mutual supervision among enterprises , jointly promote .

In addition , the country has its own zipper industry development characteristics , if the time is ripe , we will also consider the practice of drawing Yiwu counterparts to explore the feasibility of establishing local industry standards .

Wang Jinde : Standard aims to unify and standardize , and therefore it is important to supervise corporate standards are followed. I suggest that after the introduction of the standard not only in the zipper industry propaganda , but also publicity and promotion in the clothing , bags , tents and other major clients zipper industry, let customers know : The original zipper industry has a uniform standard . If the customer consciously choose standard products, some companies will be able to avoid the escape criteria luck .

I believe that our customers will have a great oversight role , better regulate the process of speeding up the zipper industry.

Homogenization of enterprise integration

Jinjiang Economic News : industrial chain division of labor and capital consolidation is one of the industry 's future development direction is not ?

Xu books households : Industry homogenization serious problem has plagued us for many years. How to avoid the homogenization of the industry resources to maximize Fujian zipper has been exploring the topic. Currently, there have been Fujian zipper zipper machinery , pull in first class expertise, this pattern of industrial chain slowly emerged .

But in the finished zippers, especially in the field of low-end products , homogeneity is still very serious. How to integrate these companies, we have not felt for a good way . Wenzhou counterparts are now trying these homogenization finished zipper enterprise integration, many enterprises will be merged into one . This model we are watching and learning.

Zhou Yang instrument : industry resource integration is inevitable. No matter how long integration time , in what way , the number of firms in the industry will be less and less in the future. Because only through specialization and capital chain integration , in order to improve production efficiency and reduce non-standard competition , the bigger the size of the entire industry .

Conditional regions and enterprises can consider supporting the integration of large companies try small businesses . Now the industry is in rapid development period, large companies need to expand capacity , but facing the siting, construction and other issues, might as well turn to consider the incorporation of co- processing support small businesses . This approach will also bring specification for small businesses , expand hope.

Wang Jinde : I think that the size of the joint enterprise , resource integration model very well. Although in reality , due to various corporate CEOs not necessarily the same philosophy , it may be difficult to implement , but it is worth the effort direction , companies can gradually deepen mutual cooperation to achieve the final integration.

Most small enterprises are now co- processing is only a single step . If a long-term cooperation , familiar with each other , we can consider further cooperation in the pipeline . Then after some time, found a similar philosophy to each other , we can talk about joint ventures, acquisitions , and other stake -depth cooperation , and the benefits bundled together for common development.

But standing in the brand business perspective , I particularly recommend that large enterprises in the acquisition , be sure to choose a well-known , there are different areas of business , so you can go after the cards to develop aspects of the acquired company is also advantageous .

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